TES Behaviour forum- the Live Tour

TES On-line Behaviour Clinic

I'll be doing a live, on-line advice session on Friday between 1 and 3pm for anyone who wants to post a question (behaviour management specifically. I mean, feel free to ask about what kind of drill bit you need for MDF or something, but I can't guarantee a superior answer. Besides, it's moderated, so anyone trying to hijack the session like Fathers for Justice will be sorely disappointed.)

It's a bit like the regular TES Behaviour Management forum, only with more spelling mistakes. And the excitement that only a live show can bring. Possibly.

Here's the link.

Clinic. Interesting. I was going to call it a workshop, but as I have an instinctive revulsion against any workshop that doesn't feature spanners and men with pencils behind their ears, I demurred.

UPDATE: I'll be doing some training sessions with the TES on the 29th January 2011: click here to go to the link.