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Evidence-based education is dead- long live evidence-informed education: Thoughts on Dylan Wiliam

The following blog post was first featuredon the TES website in April 2015. Unfortunately due to a technical problem, it didn't survive an update. I've tracked and captured it using a site that archives web page snapshots, in response to several requests from people who wanted to link to it in their own writing. I present it here, exactly as it was, so please bear in mind the context of the time in which it was written.

Tom Evidence-based education is dead — long live evidence-informed education: Thoughts on Dylan Wiliam2
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Dylan Wiliam, high priest of black boxes and emeritus professor at the Institute of Education, says in this week’s TES that teaching cannot, will never be a research-based, or research-led profession. And he’s absolutely right.
Given that he’s the one of the handful of educational researchers that many teachers could name, and I happen to run researchED, education’s grooviest new hipster/nerd movement, this may appear …