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Bleeding inside: why mental health is too important to get wrong

  Bleeding inside: why mental health is too important to get wrong Tom Bennett Originally published on the TES  16th June 2016 at 11:20 Tom Bennett tries to get behind the headlines on claims of a rising tide of mental illness Mental illnesses across the population, but particularly concentrated in younger groups, are getting worse and more common. Exam stress is now leading to more and more children suffering from mental health problems. This is all obvious, right? But nothing to do with mental health is obvious. Despite this, there is a rising tide of commentators who believe that everything in the first paragraph is true. More worryingly, many seem to be unconcerned with substantiating those claims. And if you ask for supporting evidence, discussion quickly degenerates to accusations of "not caring" about mental health in children, or "not listening to people on the front line". That wouldn’t be funny even if it were true. None of us should have to prove ourselve

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