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Why the schools of the future are the schools of the past: my review of Radio 4's Future Proofing Our Schools

  Review of Future Proofing Our Schools, hosted by Sangita Myska, Radio 4, March 24 th , 9:00am     The universe runs on circular rails. The march of seasons, the arc of the planets, mark out our lives in reassuring metronomic heartbeats. More predictable still is the endless resurgence of the Cult of 21 st  century Skills, as reliable as death and taxes and unlovelier than either. Every few years, and at least twice a generation, some excitable movement emerges to claim that everything that has been done before on education is unfit for purpose, revolution is imminent and necessary, so hold on to your Learning Hats and ready your muskets of independent thinkiness.    I’m so used to it I get anxious if I haven’t heard this claim made at least once a week. ‘Have they been? Have the 21 st  century people been yet?’ I ask my wife anxiously at the end of the day. She assures me that they have, and I sleep like a child. All is well.    The 21 st  century cult – and I call it a cult, because

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