TES Behaviour Training: the live show (and this time it's real)

Warning: contents may vary.
I'll be running some training seminars for teachers who want to learn the fundamentals of getting their classes to behave, and running a disciplined class. I nearly said basics, but fundamentals makes it sound much more like some kind of ancient, arcane wisdom, as opposed to something anyone can learn. Which they can, incidentally

It's being run and hosted by the Times Educational Supplement, and I'm the lucky guy taking the classes. The thing I think is great about these is that it's a half day seminar, so instead of losing a day out of your life in an agreeable mid-budget hotel writing on sugar paper and telling the person next to you something nobody else knows (and wondering if you can hold your breath until you pass out), I'll just get straight to stuff I think people need to know to tame a class. And believe me, it isn't nuclear physics.

Better still, because it's hosted by the TES, the costs are kept as as low as possible so it's within most budgets. Seriously; we're giving it away.* If you're struggling with whole classes, one mentalist in particular, or burdened with line managers more akin to concrete lifebelts, I promise to give practical advice, and strategies that teachers can actually use, as opposed to well-meant sentiments that reflect current fashionable theory or administrative expedience. Oh yes, and I'm still a teacher, incidentally.

I am so looking forward to it. Not sure about the biscuit situation; I'll get back to you.

If you fancy it, or just want to give a present to a friend with particularly thick skin and an understanding nature towards unusual gifts, click here to book. 

Do you want to be this guy?
Date: Saturday the 29th January
Time: 10am-1pm OR 2pm-5pm
Cost: £55
Venue: Holborn, London (TES Offices)

I look forward to seeing you.

*Not strictly true


  1. *****Biscuit Update*********

    There will be biscuits. Copy that, there will be biscuits. Still waiting for exact specifications.

    ***End of biscuit update*****


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