Sunday Times Festival of Education: let teacher speak unto teacher

I'll be speaking at the Sunday Times Festival of Education on Sunday the 26th of June at 2:45- the topic will be the behaviour crisis in schools, how we got here and where we go from here. It's being held in Wellington College, which appears, from their website, to be based in Berkshire's answer to the Palace of Versailles. Other speakers include Niall Ferguson, Robert Winston, Bad Boy D'Abbs, David Starkey, Dominic Lawson, Katherine Birbalsingh, A C Grayling, A A Gill, Toby Young, and many other worthies. I can only presume that I'm the warm-up act or something, or that there's another Tom Bennett they've confused me with.

It also hasn't escaped my notice that there are a few alumni from Jamie's Dream School on the guest list, so the opportunity to see some of my favourite fictional characters in the flesh is almost more than I can bear.

Still, very excited about the opportunity to do this. The only problem is; where do I park my helicopter?

Click on this link to take you to the homepage for the festival. And a picture of me that makes Brian Haw look like Gok Wan.


  1. Wow, impressive guest list, but don't be intimidated - go all Harlem on them! Tell Niall Ferguson that 'You fink you're higher than everyone else, right, cos you a historian!' Then say that unless teachers get everything we'd like, 'There's gonna be a war', and end by telling them that you're proud of everyone in this room.

  2. Half-tempted to buy a ticket...

    Just worried that some of the money will go to people I hate who are also speaking.

    Still, glad to see the phrase "the behaviour crisis" is now widely accepted as the appropriate term.

  3. @ Oldandrew

    'The Behaviour Crisis' © Oldandrew. Credit where it's due :)

  4. @ Neil

    Cheers. I might nick that line about being proud.

  5. Are you definitely down for Sunday? The online programme seems to have you scheduled in for the Saturday!

  6. No, I'm down to do Saturday now, because the organisers had to reschedule some events. Actualy Saturday works even better for me, as it means I can go to all the Sunday events with a glass of Glenfiddich in my hand. I'm hoping that this hasn't led to any problems for anyone else; if it has, let the organisers know- and then me. I have no power over the Festival program, though, but I'll be happy to assist in any way. And if anyone wants to say hello too, feel free to find me. I'll be the one in the mid-priced suit.

  7. Lovely.

    I'll be the one in the corner, with the barely concealed rage and contempt for any politicans present, spilling out of my face.

    I may need some of your Glenfiddich.


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