The Dangers of watching a kettle boil

'The Behaviour Guru' came out last week; all the right aunties etc have received their free copy. I even swallowed my pride and signed a few at the request of friends, although I suspect I've just damned myself to Hell forever for doing so.

Amazon UK has a strange feature; it informs you exactly where you are in the book sales ranking. There is nothing in the world better at reminding you that you are a speck of dust in an infinite galaxy than logging on to the sales charts. It's like gazing into the abyss. And quite right too. Worrying about your rank is like worrying about how many people like you. I don't write this stuff to make pals (although it's undoubtedly nice when it happens) but to try to pass on useful knowledge and skills to people who are going through the same obstacle courses I did in education. The goal is a bit more than getting to number one. I mean, right now, Tony Blair is number one in the book charts, and he's definitely going to Hell.