Inspection reflections

The call arrives! It's what we've been waiting for!

Teachers are understandably worried they won't meet the standards.
But with only two days to go, they quickly focus on the important issues.

Staff are given brief guidelines about best practise.
They arrive! Everyone laughs when they realise the inspectors are people, just like them.

If inspectors DO come into your room, just act normally.

Students need to be gently reminded that lessons might be slightly more elaborate.

Even towards the end of the inspection, staff must resist the temptation to relax.

Eventually, the inspection is over.

Success! Congratulations, your lessons were Outstanding!


  1. Very amusing - blogging with pictures for the tired academic: looking forward to re.inspection - - if presented well, even elephant's dung is beautiful. Az

    1. Merci. And good luck, if I infer correctly. Will look at your blog in a bit.


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