2011 Edublog awards

This was the first I'd heard of these awards, although I have no doubt that all over the world lonely men and women annually wet their Y-fronts at the prospect, as I do. Someone kindly nominated me this year, so I felt that it was kind of my education blogger duty to do the same, although I'm aware that the chances of me now participating in what might well be essentially an Albanian pyramid scam are probably high.

I write A LOT, and what with that and teaching, I actually don't get much time to really sit on my thumbs and read too many other things on the net, although I try to hit things that are recommended to me. Some of the ones that I DO make time for regularly are:

Best individual blog:

Scenes from the Battleground

Old Andrew's infrequent (and I do mean f*cking infrequent) blog still packs punch every time it drops. More value added than Mossborne bleedin' Academy. More balls than Billy- Big-Balls.

Best New Blog

Mombasa Moods

Rebecca Gurnham's touching and personal journey from English teacher in the UK, to a galaxy away, teaching in Africa. Fascinating, thoughtful and beautifully bridges the personal and the political with a light touch.

Best Teacher Blog

The Learning Spy

David Didau- always interesting to read; vocal, spiky and bristling with enthusiasm for teaching.

Best resource sharing blog

The Edudicator

A newer voice, absolutely dedicated to the well being of other teachers. Unstoppable.

Best educational use of a social network

Just Trying to be better than yesterday

Kenny Pieper's increasingly well-written blog, tackling increasingly diverse educational topics. Better every week.

I'm sure there are many other worthies, but those are the ones that have tempted me into their perfumed boudoirs with their Henna stained index fingers beckoning me to enter their dark and musky narthexes.

Good luck, and don't spend all the prize money at once. And if anyone feels like nominating me then I WOULD NOT OBJECT IN THE SLIGHTEST.http://edublogawards.com/2011-2/


  1. I might add that there are many, many other fine blogs I pop into time permitting, but the categories demand one entry apiece, and the other slots I'm not crazy about. No offence given, I hope to any omissions.

  2. Tom- what an honour! Thank you for your encouragement and enthusiasm. You really are Outstanding, inside the classroom and beyond.


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