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Finally! I'm a constellation.
Just thought I'd show some love to the TES Resources department, for whom I do some work every week. Without bias or benefit I can heartily recommend this part of the TES online portal: lesson plans, behaviour advice, templates, Teacher TV videos, on and on an on. And all of it completely free. It's like a vast, pulsing collective teaching wiki-mind, a colony intelligence of crowd sourced resources that is so achingly hip I'm surprised it hasn't launched a perfume range. Of course, being open source, you'll have to sift through the material to find something of the quality you require, but such is the bargain we strike with the devil of altruism. Besides, there is an enormous amount of high quality material available, so with only a little searching you should be able to get something helpful.

Every week I contribute three behavioural tips to the area, and once a month I write a feature for the Behaviour Newsletter, as well as compiling my pick of the resources available on related topics. And of course I contribute resources myself, normally with a behavioural/ classroom management slant (although I'm considering dumping all my lesson plans, powerpoints and whatnot on it too, especially for A-level).

Click here to take you to resources.
Click here to take you to my resource page.
Click here to take you to a fantastic video debunking learning styles.

Hope you enjoy it. Or indeed, why not share something yourself? Welcome to the Hive Mind......


  1. TES Resources: a.m.a.z.e.b.a.l.l.s.


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