TES Behaviour Advice Training Seminar- bookings open again

After doing a few seminars last month with the lovely people of the Times Educational Supplement, I've been asked back to take a few more. They last about 2 1/2 hours, and I focus entirely on what teachers need to be doing to run a well behaved classroom. The last few seminars went really well, and the feedback was pleasingly, reassuring optimistic. It's a concentrated session, with no time wasted, no sugar paper, no waffle; just straight talking, practical advice and, I'm delighted to confirm, tea and biscuits.

It's held at the TES headquarters (elegantly named TES Towers, which I find fabulous), in facilities that I can only describe as 'well-appointed', like the boardroom in 'The Apprentice' (UK version, not Trump's old-money torture chamber). There are two sessions, on Saturday the 19th of March; one in the afternoon and one in the morning, in order to cater to people who may not live in London. Some of the previous attendees made a weekend of it in the West End, although I can't be held responsible for the quality of Les Mis, or anything...

To book, click on the link here.

Feedback from previous sessions:

'A very useful session which has made me think about strategies and ways of dealing with classes.'
'Fantastic tips, much I can apply to my lessons, thank you.'
'Tom is great, he is "safe blud" as my little monkeys would say.'
'Very useful content and a speaker who was easy to relate to.  Good to talk with someone who has experienced the same difficulties as me.'

In other news, I'll also be at TES Towers on Tuesday the 1st March between 5 and 6:30 hosting a live webchat on marking, reports and paperwork, for anyone looking for tips on how to climb up the paper mountain in schools. Look forward to, as Frazier Crane would say, taking your calls. Posts? I don't know. I'll be there, anyway.