My blog has moved to the TES

I really should have done this a while ago. Last year the TES decided to do the decent thing and make us legal, and now I blog on their website once, sometimes twice a week here. The same swears, the same cant and rhetoric, the same excruciating application of metaphor, the same tiresome pop culture- it's all there.

You can leave comments underneath each blog, just like you could here, although you might have to sign in- like stabbing, it takes a second. I'll blog about non-educational stuff here from time to time, in preparation for the launch of my new website in March 2014.

Best wishes



  1. I wondered where you'd gone.

    The swearing is still there of course, though annoyingly redacted in case a new generation of teachers start to copy you, you big potty mouth you.

    Mainly I'm disappointed about the lack of comments and interaction in you new blog chalet. I was hoping to look on from a distance as a spawnswarm of TES-Mumsnet mutant harpies scritched relentlessly at your blog while you beat them off Argo stylee. (I once joined TES to make a single post to tell a whingeing TA to "step up to the plate" and become "proper teacher". Now THAT was a discussion ;)).

    Sadly (though predictably) the biggest hoo-hah @ TES seems to have been when you had a go at the middle class (in the title, so they didn't even have to read the blog, hurrah!) and you were mildly pawed at by harpies in Ugg boots. (Which is more soothing than threatening all things considered.)

    P.S. I don’t blame you for taking the King's shilling and I still loves ya. x Have fun!

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