Department of Justice and Education criticised for tough new rookie Judge assessment

'I can hear you chewing gum in there!'
There was outrage last night as Chief Judges in the Hall of Learning approved a harsh new system of formal assessment for rookie teachers. Dubbed 'Block War', prospective teachers will be paired with a more experienced mentor and assigned to a day in one of Mega-City's toughest schools, with the simple message- last a day.

Judge Dredd, one of the most prominent advocates of this form of in-at-the-deep-end training, only had this to say yesterday: 'It's all the deep end,' before arresting the reporter for obstructing a GTP program.

The program, one of many new reforms brought in under the coalition of chief Judges Cameron, Klegg and Fergee, has prompted angry reactions from many teachers, who have accused the Chiefs of letting the profession down.

'This system is completely without justification,' said one blogger from Stephen Twigg block, who didn't want to be named for fear he would be transported to the prison planet of Titan and transformed into a cyborg drone.

'Yes, bike cannons WERE necessary.'
'It's simply a pass or fail; not even a chance to endlessly resit, like with the aptitude tests. We need something more fluid, more nuanced, that nurtures teachers into the world's greatest profession. Training Judges in ridiculous, outdated 21st century skills like unarmed combat, using the Lawgiver pistol, and field medicine, has no place in today's 22nd century civilian war zones. Instead, we believe Judges will be best off learning how to develop perps' emotional intelligence, possibly using their Thinking Helmets to work out a cooperative, collaborative solution that catalyses independent citizenry.'

When asked what evidence or experience he possessed  that such teaching techniques actually prevented Judges from being kidnapped and brutalised, or assisted the prevention of the 17 serious crimes reported to the Hall of Justice every second, the anonymous blogger was less candid.

'I think I know what I'm talking about; I've seen a documentary about these blocks. The people there just need to be allowed the freedom to blossom into beautiful butterflies.'

Judge Gove is doing ten in the cubes.