Sunday Times Festival of Education: 'Glastonbury for swots'.

Just finished 2 days at the Sunday Times Educational Festival. I feel pedagogically clobbered. However, I now have enough celebrity edublog material to last a month. Bear with me as I enter my decompression bathysphere and learn to breathe East End economy air. It was like Valhalla for educational navel-gazers; 'Swot's' Glastonbury' as A A Gill called it. What with that and the Dream School Educational Select committee, I'm in danger of needing a clone to meet my self imposed requirement to exhaustively record and unpack every edu-meme of trivia I can. I shall not let you down. Watch this space.


  1. Bring it on! I can't wait...

  2. Well, as you know, I only made the first day, but I had a great time. Great meeting you, and I particularly enjoyed your Behaviour Crisis session. Look forward to hearing about what you made of it all.


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