1. Joe (JRP Penguin)18 March 2012 at 18:13

    Ground down, tired, defeated by the system: I think Mrs Krabappel, Miss Hoover and Skinner are worth a mention.

    You left out Sister Act II! How could you?! It is the template for School of Rock, which, like Old Andrew, I reluctantly like.

    Another blog could be made on the student stereotypes - as long as it includes Elephant by Gus Van Sant. And Donnie Darko. Best lines in Donnie Darko:
    Noah Wyle: 'Donnie Darko'.
    Drew Barrymore: 'I know...'

  2. Things that movies/tv also say:
    teaching is a fill in job for smart folk (To Sir with Love), school staff-rooms are entirely filled with people trying to get it on with each other (Carry on Camping, Teachers, Waterloo Road),
    and they remember *every* student ever (Goodbye, Mr Chips-the '39 one, I have no idea what the '69 one is like).

    Aside: "Jack Black makes me want to hook my hand down the back of my palette and pull myself inside out" thankyouthankyouthankyou. Every single person I have told about my dislike of Jack Black and how un-amusing I found that bloody film tells me I am soulless and lacking in humour. Because apparently JB is amazing and I just don't get it.

  3. How about Les Choristes? Category 4? A modest, bald, patient and gifted teacher wins over a group of kids and one in particular through music. A bit slushy maybe, but a lovely film all the same. Nice blog, Tom.

  4. (Self-publicity alert) I wrote about the annoying habit of movie teachers to never finish lessons on time here:
    It's such a cliche - bell rings whilst teacher is in mid-drone, class gets up and leaves, teacher shouts at departing bodies... enough. What would Ofsted say?

  5. Have you just dissed Coach Carter?

  6. So Tom...Waterloo Road? Not film of course, but arguably far more pernicious in its cultural impact. If there was such a thing as "own brand" school drama, Waterloo Road would be it. La Classe is in a different...class!

    The irony of course is, the real thing is so much more compelling. The 14 year old girl tutee of mine, who was talking happily to a colleague on her way to first lesson Monday morning, when he keeled over and died. The boy who threw his housemaster's cat out of a second floor window in an act of revenge, the £250 in cash stuffed up a drainpipe...I could go on!

  7. Notes on a scandal...

  8. I'm arriving here desperately late, but just wanted to support votes for a a review of To Sir, With Love, which is absent here I wonder if due to respect. I watched that film avidly when a teenager and it both tipped the scales for me when deciding between teaching and (good heavens) law; and, ahem, started the configuration of my personal trinity of the ideal male teacher/father: Mr Thackeray, Atticus Finch and, some years later, Remus Lupin.

    I also wonder whether you have come across The Browning Version, which I think you would like. Hopefully you don't mind black-and-white and ancient actors.


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